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Damani is running on fumes

Starting with what I liked about this book, I felt that Priya Guns wrote a sharp, biting satire about class, activism, and who has the privilege of engaging in protest and who must grind everyday just to survive.

Mario C.

16 hours ago

It was slow to start

Jo didn't get what was coming to her as I'd hoped, which was sadly realistic. But I loved how Damani's friends stood by her in the aftermath of the disaster. And the ending was totally perfect, like expertly.

Patino R.

16 hours ago

I loved the focus on working-class

This book was just ok for me. Going in I thought it was going to be something totally different than what it actually was which was more of a romance. It dragged a lot in the beginning but picked up towards the end

Reshawn S.

13 hours ago

Wow! Priya Guns' has a serious

What little plot there was dragged, and Damani hardly developed as a character to makeup for the lack of action. I hate to say it, but the writing was poor, filled with overly flowery language, metaphors didn't make sense

Michael H.

10 hours ago